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Playingtots provides fun learning resources for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Here you can find printables to make Learning Binders/ Busy Books, Busy Bags/ Task box, First Learning Picture Books, Worksheets, Posters/ Charts, Flashcards, etc..

These printables can be used at home, preschools and day care centers. These educational resources will be really helpful for the homeschooling parents.
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Here is the complete tutorial on how to make Busy Book/ Busy Binder/ Learning Binder. Includes video tutorial, detailed STEP BY STEP instructions, assembling supplies list and the Amazon recommendations for the supplies/ tools.

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Sticker Busy Book

Introducing the new Fun and educational Sticker activity book for Toddlers. Learning Binder activities available now as Sticker Activities. Includes colors, shapes, numbers, alphabet matching, pattern recognition, transportation sorting and counting activity.

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Playingtots also provides a lot of Free Tamil Learning Resources. These printable will be really helpful for the families who are staying abroad to teach Tamil language to the kids.

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