Playing Tots


Playingtots have learning charts printable on the below topics:
  • Alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Days and months
  • and many more...
The charts can be organized in two ways: Learning folder or Learning wall poster.

Learning folder

Playingtots have charts in different formats and layouts. Explore all of them, choose the charts that would be best for your kid and organize them in a binder.

How to assemble:

Print the PDF on paper or card stock. You have two options to make it toddler friendly.

  • Lamination: Laminate the sheets, punch holes and organize in a binder. Lamination is durable, water-proof, tear-proof.

  • Sheet protector: Place the sheets in the sheets protector and organize in a binder. Once the kid is done with a chart, you can remove the old one and replace it with a new chart.

Learning wall

To make learning a little more fun, you can stick these charts to your toddler's learning wall. Kids love using hand pointers. So, let them use the hand pointer and learn from the wall charts.

How to assemble:

Print the PDF on paper or card stock. Its not mandatory to laminate the charts. But, I would recommend laminating the sheets and stick them to the wall. In this way, kids can even practice writing and tracing on alphabet/ number/ shapes charts.


Once the kids are done learning with these charts, you can make the kids do little activities with these charts as a next step.

  1. Matching activity:
    Print two copies of a chart and laminate them. Cut one set of the chart into cards and attach velcro dots to the cards and the other chart. Kids can then match the cards with the chart.

    You could also use:
    • alphabet/ number magnets to match the alphabet/ number charts
    • mini animal figurines to match the animals chart
    • fruits and vegetables toys to match the fruits and vegetables chart
    • pompoms to match the colors chart

  2. Identification activity:
    This activity can be done on all the charts. For example, let us consider the alphabet chart. Say a random alphabet, ask the kid to identify the letter and circle or place an object over the letter.

  3. Tracing activity:
    Some of the printable on topics like alphabet, numbers, shapes can be used for tracing activity. For this, you can either laminate the printable or place them in the sheet protectors. Kids can use the dry erase marker to trace on the sheets. You can easily erase the sheets after each use and reuse them.

  4. Cutting activity:
    Kids can use these charts to practice their cutting skills. For example, you can ask the kid to cut the alphabet chart and glue them in alphabetical order in another sheet.

  5. Peek-a-boo:
    You can play this activity on alphabet and number chart. Hide some of the letters or numbers using objects like coins. Ask the kid to guess the letter behind the coin.

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