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Flash cards

Flashcards help the kids learn new things quick and easy. Toddlers love using flash cards with their teeny tiny hands. I highly recommend you to use flash cards for your toddler's first phase of learning. It will be easy for them to learn as they will concentrate on only one thing at a time. Then you can start using the charts.

Here you can find some flashcards printable for your toddler. These flashcards are simple, clear and will be easy for your kid to learn.


You can also do some activities/ games with flash cards to make the learning a little more fun.
  1. Identification activity:
    Choose a set of flash card and spread them on the floor or table. Say a name and ask the kid to pick that card.

  2. Matching activity:
    For this activity, you will need two copies of the same set of flash cards. Lay out one set of flash cards on the floor and ask the kids to match with the other one.

    You can also use alphabet/ number magnets to match alphabet/ number flashcards, mini figurines/ toys to match animal/ fruits/ vehicles flashcards, shapes blocks to match shapes flash cards, color objects to match colors flashcards, etc..

  3. Sorting activity:
    Shuffle the alphabet/ number flash cards and ask the kids to arrange them in order.

  4. Memory game:
    For this activity, you will need two copies of flash cards. Shuffle the cards and spread them upside down on the floor. Ask the kids to flip two cards. If the cards match, take that pair out. If not, flip it back. Repeat until all the pairs are matched.

  5. Missing letters/ numbers:
    Arrange the alphabet/ number in order and take out some of the cards. Ask the kid to tell the missing one and put the correct card in the missing spot.

  6. "I have/ Who has" group game:
    This activity can be played with alphabet and number cards.

    For example, let's consider using alphabet flashcards. Shuffle the cards and distribute to the kids evenly. Whoever has "A" card will start the game. That kids says "I have "A" and ask who has "B"?. After each turn kids place the cards in the center, ask "who has the next letter" and the games goes till "Z".

  7. Practice writing/ Tracing:
    Kids can practice writing/tracing on alphabet, number and shapes flashcards.

  8. Counting activity:
    Ask the kids to pick a number card and clip as many clothespin/ paper clips on the card. This promotes fine motor skills.

  9. Flip book matching activity:
    Choose a set of flash card, print two copies of them and make a flip book with two sets side by side. Kids can flip and match them.

  10. Card Hunt:
    Hide the cards in your kid's room and ask the kid to find them. For this, select few cards and let them know the cards before hiding.

  11. Name matching activity:
    Some of the flash cards like animals/ fruits/ body parts have names at the bottom. If your kid could recognize the names, just cut the name off the card and ask them to match. You can make this as a file folder activity.

  12. Link:
    Punch hole on the left and right side of the number/ alphabet flash cards. Ask the kids to link them together in order as a chain using oval link manipulative.

  13. Fishing:
    Attach magnet dots to the card. Tell a card and ask the kid to catch it using the rod. You can also attach paper clips to each card, attach magnet to a string and use the string to fish for the cards.

  14. What’s Missing?:
    Choose few cards and spread them on the floor. Ask the kids to take a look at the cards, memorize and close their eyes. Then take a card out. Ask the kid to open the eye and tell which card is missing.

  15. Word formation:
    For this you will need some words flash cards and two or more copies of alphabet flash cards. Ask the kid to take a word flash card and form that word using alphabet cards. In this way, kids can practice learning words. Kids can start with learning sight words/ cvc words. Kids can also use alphabet magnets to form the words.

  16. Addition:
    For this activity, you will need number flash cards and plus sign magnet. Place any two number cards and a plus magnet, ask the kid to place as many objects to match the number cards and practice addition.

  17. Pompom color sorting: Stick color flash cards to the trays/ bins/ cups. Keep the pompoms in a big bowl. Ask the kids to sort them out using a tweezer. You can also use other small objects like buttons/ bottle caps/ board game coins/ etc.

  18. Simon says:
    Spread the cards on the floor. Make sure there is enough space for your kid to move around the cards. When you say "Simon says go to 'name a card'", kid will go to the card. You can also stick the cards on the wall and ask the kid to go and touch the card.

    If the kid is on an animal card, "Simon asks - What sound does that animal make?"
    If the kid is on a number card, say 5, "Simon says - Count upto that number"
    If the kid is on a alphabet card, "Simon says - What's that alphabet sound?/ what letter comes after that/ etc"

    In this way, make your kid move around all the cards and ask questions/ make them do tasks related to that card.

  19. Guessing game:
    Select few simple cards from topics like fruits/ animals/ vehicles/ shapes, shuffle them and keep them facing down. Draw a card, ask the kid to guess it, for which you can reply yes/ no. For example, kids can ask "Is it a shape?" / "does the shape has 3 sides? / ...

  20. Bingo:
    For this activity you need same set of flash cards and chart. For example, use numbers chart (1 - 12) as bingo mat. take the number cards from 1 to 12, shuffle and keep them facing down. Ask the kid to draw a card, find that number on that chart and cross it out/ place an object over it.

  21. Odd one out:
    For this activity, choose 5 cards of same set and one card from other set. Shuffle and place them on the table/ floor. Ask the kid to find that odd card which does not belong in that group. Example: Odd/ Even numbers, Upper/ Lowercase letters, Fruits/ Vegetables, Farm/ Zoo animals,etc.

  22. Group sort:
    Shuffle all the cards on different topics/ categories(Fruits/ Vegetables/ Animals/ Vehicles/ Alphabets/ Numbers) and give it to the kid. Place a tray/ bin for each topic and label it. Ask the kid to sort all the cards to the corresponding category tray/ bin.

How to assemble

Print the PDF on paper or card stock. You can either laminate and cut the cards or cut the cards and then laminate. You can store the flash cards in a smaller size ziploc bags and label them.

You could also hole punch the cards and put them together using binder rings. It will be fun for the kids to flip and learn. Also, its easy to carry for long road trip/ flight travel,etc.

Please trim the corners of the cards using corner punch to make the cards toddler friendly.


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