Playing Tots

Tamil worksheets

Worksheets are always fun for the kids. It helps them to learn even more faster and better.

Playingtots has a good collection of Tamil worksheets. Explore all of them and choose the right one for your kid.

Re-usable work binder

Now let's see how we can make a reusable work binder for your kid using these worksheets.

Download the worksheets appropriate for your kid. You have two options to make the worksheets reusable:
  • Lamination: Laminate the sheets, punch holes and organize in a binder. Lamination is durable, water-proof, tear-proof.

  • Sheet protector: Place the sheets in the sheets protector and organize in a binder. Once the kid is done with a worksheet, you can remove the old one and replace it with a new worksheet. As we can reuse the sheet protectors, this is a cheaper option than lamination.
Even though using sheet protectors is a cheaper option, I strongly recommend lamination. Its very toddler friendly.

Kids can use the dry erase markers to work on the sheets. After each use, You can easily erase and reuse them.

This work binder will easily fit in your backpack. So, you can carry them with you to keep your kid busy while you travel. This binder will be great for long road trip/ flight travel/ doctor's visit/ restaurants.


All of the printable in this page are free for personal and non-commercial use. Explore all of the printable and download the one appropriate for your kid.

Click on the image to download the corresponding printable.