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Letters flashcards activities

You can also do some activities/ games with the letters flash cards to make the tamil alphabet learning a little more fun.
  1. Identification activity:
    Choose a set of flash card and spread them on the floor or table. Say a letter and ask the kid to pick that card.

  2. Matching activity:
    For this activity, you will need two copies of the same set of flash cards. Lay out one set of flash cards on the floor and ask the kids to match with the other one.

  3. Sorting activity:
    Shuffle the letters flash cards and ask the kids to arrange them in order.

  4. Memory game:
    For this activity, you will need two copies of flash cards. Shuffle the cards and spread them upside down on the floor. Ask the kids to flip two cards. If the letters match, take that pair out. If not, flip it back. Repeat until all the pairs are matched.

  5. Missing letters:
    Arrange the letters in order and take out some of the cards. Ask the kid to tell the missing letter and put the correct card in the missing spot.

  6. Practice writing:
    Kids can practice writing on the letters flashcards.

  7. Link:
    Punch hole on the left and right side of the letters flash cards. Ask the kids to link them together in order as a chain using oval link manipulative.

  8. Fishing:
    Attach magnet dots to the card. Tell a letter and ask the kid to catch it using the rod. You can also attach paper clips to each card, attach magnet to a string and use the string to fish for the cards.

  9. Word formation:
    For this you will need some tamil words flash cards and two or more copies of letters flash cards. Ask the kid to take a word flash card and form that word using alphabet cards. In this way, kids can practice learning words.

  10. Odd one out:
    For this activity, choose 5 cards of same set of letters and one card from other set of letters. Shuffle and place them on the table/ floor. Ask the kid to find that odd card which does not belong in that group.

  11. Group sort:
    Shuffle all the cards of different letter series and give it to the kid. Place some trays/ bins and ask the kid to sort all the cards to the corresponding category tray/ bin.

  12. Shuffle some of the cards of different letter series and arrange them in rows and columns on the floor/ table. Ask the kid to tell the letters one by one. You can also set a time and ask the kid to tell all the letters within that time frame.


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