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PDF Printing Black boxes issue


Images looks fine in the PDF file, but while printing some of the images are printed as black boxes.


Mac, iPad, iPhone

NOTE: So far this issue has been reported for these devices only.


Please use "Adobe Acrobat Reader" to open and print the PDF files (Applies to any device).

How to: NOTE: "Adobe Acrobat Reader" is FREE to download on any device. Download the FREE software here: Make sure that you have the latest software installed on your device.

For Mac users:

Mac uses an application called "Preview" to open the PDF files. So, Do not open the PDF files by clicking on it. By default, It will open the file in the Preview app. You can also open the PDF file in your web browser. But this will not fix the printing issue.

The fix is to go to the file then click on it and hold, then press control/command and click "Open with Adobe".

Alternate options:

  1. Please try printing the files using any other Laptops/ Android devices.

  2. Print PDF as an image
    • Open the PDF file with Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • Click "Print"
    • Click on "Advanced"
    • Check (Enable) the "Print as Image" box
    • Print the file
    This process can cause images and fonts to look slightly rougher, especially at the edges.

    NOTE for Mac users: If you don't see the Advanced button, click the Down Arrow (to the right of the Printer pop-up menu).

Hope this helps to fix the issue. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.